The Sharefood project

ShareFood is a tool of technological and social innovation at the service of communities that want to grow, experimenting with a local model for the reduction of food waste and the consequent production of waste to be disposed through the offer of new services, which aim to improve the quality of people’s lives, which also turn into important savings for families and businesses, as well as a lower environmental impact.

ShareFood innovation is not only developed by recombining existing elements in a new way, but it is also a source of co-creation: through the relationships between the different project partners and the end users who will use the proposed solutions, it will be possible to create a platform that allows to fight and eliminate food waste – a goal considered fundamental today, as evidenced by the European Union’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (in particular 12.3) by 2030.

The leading solution is designed and developed by the entire project team (beneficiaries, end users and panels of private citizens), who will be able to implement a proposal that allows them to monitor the production of waste (primarily coming from food consumption) and introduce an incentive system linked to the reduction of food waste in order to raise awareness among its citizens about this problem.

ShareFood also has the ambitious goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle that respects both the environment and everyone’s health, encouraging food consumption according to one’s real needs, avoiding excess.